10 Ways to Keep Yards Mole-Free

10 Ways to Keep Yards Mole-Free

Finding a ground mole in your well-maintained backyard is not a great realization. A mole infestation can be a cause of concern, as the pests destroy the garden and damage trees, plants, and grass. Moles affect the humus content of the soil and plant nutrition and harm the roots in the long run. This makes it crucial to prevent these pests from entering your yard. So, here is how to get rid of ground moles:

Ways to eliminate moles
The following are the fastest ways to get rid of moles:

Use a mole trap
A mole becomes alert when you try to catch them. Further, trapping them using traditional techniques can result in getting scratched or bitten by these creatures, putting you at risk of dangerous infections like rabies. So, the best way to get rid of them is to catch the moles in the trap. You can easily find handy mole traps in the market.

Try baits
Moles are carnivorous creatures that live in lawns or yards, surviving on earthworms and insects that are beneficial for the soil. Baiting moles to eat a poisoned pellet or worm-style bait is how you can catch and kill moles.

Use natural repellents
Natural mole repellents can be bought or prepared in the form of sprays, oils, and powders containing eco-friendly materials and added chemicals. These can be sprinkled or sprayed over the yard, giving off a scent that moles dislike. Natural mole repellents are the most budget-friendly options to get rid of these pests.

Use ultrasonic repellers
Ultrasonic repellents utilize the effect of the sensitive senses of these pests by transmitting low-frequency ultrasonic waves at a frequency of about 400 Hertz to irritate, distract, and repel these ground pests. As moles cannot rely on their vision, the vibrations emitted by these repellers force moles to leave their existing home. Many ultrasonic repellents are powered by solar energy, making them one of the best ways to get rid of moles as they don’t require reapplication like other repellents.

Consider chemical mole repellents
Chemical repellents could be a spray, condensed liquid, or granulated, and usually uses castor oil as a base. But they are stronger than natural repellents in eliminating moles. Although not safe for kids and pets, they can easily get rid of ground pests and ensure they stay away for a while. Further, pesticides are not great for the environment and can cause damage to certain plants. So, you should try environment-friendly methods or a natural mole repellent first.

Avoid overwatering the plants
Pests generally prefer humid conditions and are drawn to wet soil. So, make your lawn less favorable for ground moles by avoiding overwatering. So, you should avoid overwatering the plants and grass in your garden. Many people believe plants need a lot of water to survive, but that is not true. They only need an inch of water per week to grow. So, stick to a strict watering schedule to avoid making the ground appealing to pests like moles. However, this is a preventive measure that won’t come in handy when already dealing with a mole problem.

Build barriers
Moles do not like flowers and their strong scent. So, you can plant flowers like daffodils or plants in the allium family to act as a natural barrier. 

Eliminate food sources
Moles feed on insects, beetles, ants, and earthworms. Options like certain nematodes can eliminate these insects. You can also use an insecticide, further eliminating sources of food for moles. 

Use castor oil
Castor oil is one of the best mole repellents you can find. The strong smell of castor oil can repel moles, and the oil itself can interfere with moles’ digestive system. You can spray castor oil into the holes or around the yard. Castor oil is one of the faster ways to get rid of ground moles and is also a cost-effective option.

Try pest control services
Investing in an annual mole control or pest control exercise can help you keep your garden free from all kinds of harmful creatures. This is a long-term measure to prevent infestations. Adopting preventive strategies to keep moles from becoming a problem is crucial to keep your plants and garden safe. You can try to make your backyard unsuitable for these burrowing animals. You can ensure that your soil is not too moist to deter moles from making a home under your garden. You can plant fragrant flowers to keep pests away or use coffee grounds and spices to repel moles.

Moles may not be the absolute worst pest that could infest your yard, but they can still cause harm, and it may take a while to eliminate them. So, opt for one or more of the above measures to get rid of ground moles. Ensuring that your ground is even and does not have signs of tunneling is a great way to keep pests in check. Additionally, you can always hire an expert or contact pest removal services to quickly get rid of moles in your yard. 

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