4 streaming media players to look forward to in 2017

4 streaming media players to look forward to in 2017

Streaming media players are possibly one of the best modern inventions. You plug and play, or simply stream content to your TV. Turning your television into a smart TV, this technology makes it possible for viewers to watch any show at anytime. You can buy a streaming media player if you need a little extra space, or if you’re planning on cutting the cable cord. They don’t take up much space, and are ultralight and portable. This makes them the ideal media hub for most home entertainment systems.

Currently, there are four amazing streaming media players in the digital media streaming market. What makes these stand out is their ability to play shows through various subscription services such as Amazon videos, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Here are four of many streaming media players of 2017:

Amazon Fire TV
Built on the Fire OS platform, the Amazon Fire TV is a modified version of a streaming media playing device. Fire TV devices focus on playing Amazon prime content and make accessing Amazon instant videos easy, with an excellent quality. Other streaming services such as Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Netflix work with the Amazon Fire TV too.

Roku TV
Roku TV offers the widest array of services in the streaming media player industry. It offers Hulu Plus, Amazon Video, Netflix, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Sling TV, Twitch, etc. Roku has an exclusive channel store from which, users can download apps online and access additional streaming services. Currently. Roku offers additional content including apps for weather, news, movies, sports, and international content. The Roku streaming stick and Premiere when combined offer the complete media streaming package. With their 4k capabilities and flexible point-anywhere remote controls, Roku is a great choice comprehensively.

Apple TV
Apple TV offers exclusive streaming content services from the Apple Store. Users can access various iOS apps and much more. Technically, this is a great addition if you’re planning to integrate a streaming media player with your iOS content. Other than that, Apple TV does not come with 4k support and may not support other streaming services beyond the scope of its online store. Also, its interface comes with the voice of Siri.

Google Cast
Although Google Cast does not support streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, what makes it an option is its pricing and portability. You can stream content from your android phone, laptop, or even your tablet with the help of its Chromecast app. Google Cast relies on external media playing devices to be able to stream content onto TV. If you’re looking to watch funny cat videos on YouTube, or study lectures streamed via your Android app, the Google Cast can help you.

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