4 Walk-In Bathtub Brands To Consider In 2021

4 Walk-In Bathtub Brands To Consider In 2021

Walk-in tubs are handy for people with accessibility or mobility issues. They deliver a soothing and calming experience along with the comfort of being in your own space. The best walk-in tubs are in line with ADA guidelines, ensuring that these tubs are safe for use. These come with a variety of health-related options and can be customized to one’s needs. Here are some of the top brands that manufacture walk-in bathtubs.

American Standard

One of the favorite brands for fixtures and plumbing accessories in the country also caters to the demographic that wants walk-in tubs in their bathrooms. This also means American Standard is one of the best in business. The brand offers four different types of walk-in tubs. These also come in either acrylic or gloss gel-coat finishes. One of the best walk-in tub brands, American Standard also equips most of its tubs with an Ozone cleaning system that ensures sanitation. These tubs fall in the mid to high price range, depending on the type and accessories you select.

Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubble’s walk-in tubs are made from high-quality materials and come with dual drains that assist in faster emptying of the tub. They cater to everyone’s needs, offering walk-in tubs, ranging all the way from sleek and modern to bariatric structures. Depending on the model you choose, the tub’s capacity can fall between 35 to 85 gallons. They also have doors designed for convenient wheelchair entry and easy transfer from chair to tub seat. You can also upgrade any tub model with the option of adding air jets or water jets to it. Ella’s Bubbles is also one of the very few brands that offer companion tubs that accommodate more than one person. You can also choose a hybrid tub in case not everyone in the home wants a walk-in tub.


Kohler does not only aim at providing a fitted bathtub, and it works towards providing you with an experience. The company also allows you the choice of installing LuxStone marble walls in the bath that provide for a rich spa-like pleasure. You also have the option of selecting between air jets or water jets, in addition to choosing a heating seat to be a part of your walk-in tub. All these allow you to enjoy a luxurious hydrotherapy session all in the comfort of your home. The reason why Kohler is regarded as one of the best walk-in tubs manufacturers is because of the carefully crafted anti-slip seating and flooring of their tubs. The multiple handrails aid in accessibility and mobility for people with mobility issues. Kohler has one of the most convenient step-ins, thanks to its low height, and the seats can comfortably seat people of all sizes. Another feature that is bound to make you select a Kohler bathtub is its outer rim grip that provides useful assistance once you have stepped out of the bath.


Available only in local supply chain stores, Universal is one of the best walk-in tub companies, according to both critics and customers. However, if you would like to take a thorough look at their complete collection before you head into the store and decide which one you want to purchase, the website is at your disposal. The quality of Universal tubs might not be at par with excellence, but the company does follow protocols laid down in the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) guidelines. The ADA guidelines have been prescribed by the Department of Justice or the DOJ and are in place to reduce the risk of slipping and other possible accidents. Each of the Universal walk-in tubs comes with the choice of adding air or water jets to it. While a handheld showerhead is a standard accessory, some also come with heated seating. You also get to choose the type of faucet you would want your bathtub to have.

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