4 ways to get healthy toenails

4 ways to get healthy toenails

Nails along with skin and hair reflect an individual’s overall health. This is why you need to take care of your nails. On a closer look, if you find ridges, dents or patches of unusual color or shape on the surface of your nails then it is high time you started caring for them. Most undesirable nail conditions can be easily avoided by following a few simple steps. A few are given below.

Maintain hygiene
Hygiene is essential when it comes to having healthy nails. Make sure you keep your nails clean and dry to avoid fungal infections. It helps to file your nails with an emery board to keep your nails well-shaped and free of snags. If you have thick toenails, soak them in warm salt water for around 5-10 minutes to make the cutting process easier.

Avoid spoiling your nails
Don’t bite your fingernails or remove cuticle at all cost. Doing so can cause damage to the nail. Avoid using your nails as a tool for opening soda cans or any other objects that make use of them. Such activities chip off nails and cause further damage.

Follow a nail care routine
While cutting your finger or toe nails, make sure you use a sharp nail clipper or scissor and cut straight across. Round off the edges of the nails to reduce sharpness. For best results, go for regular pedicure sessions. Trim your nails and especially toe nails at regular intervals. Keeping them short makes it easier to maintain and keep clean. This minimizes the risk of injury and infection while also preventing ingrown toenail.

Wear the right shoes
Wear shoes that fit properly and try alternating pairs of shoes you wear each day. Always wear flip flops while walking around public pools or using public showers since this reduces the risk of infections within toenails caused by a certain fungus found in such areas.

Follow these simple and effective nail care tips regularly and you are sure to have happy and healthy nails. If you still see some unnatural patterns on your nails or have a swelling or pain, see a dermatologist immediately since there might be an underlying cause for the same.

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