6 hotel booking mistakes to avoid for the best deals

6 hotel booking mistakes to avoid for the best deals

Planning your travel itinerary is one of the most critical tasks to pay attention to, especially while reserving bookings online. Holiday deals and bundled packages might be tempting at first glance. But there are certain rookie booking mistakes and not-so-obvious pitfalls to avoid losing money. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran traveler or a first-timer. Pay attention to these 6 common booking mistakes and get the best deal on the first attempt.

Not reading reviews
When you have website reviews available for reference, use them before comparing cheap hotels in Orlando or other locations. Filter hotels by best reviews and read a few for the chosen place of stay. Learn about their service and quality of amenities, and see whether it is worth booking in the first place.

Not booking a refundable room
Travel plans can change, so you need to account for contingencies that affect your booking dates. Always book a refundable room even if your plans change on the spur of the moment.

Not using the hotel’s website
Booking through third-party websites may fetch you cheap hotels in Orlando. But booking a room through the hotel website that offers the same discount or price match can be more beneficial. Guests get assigned the best rooms with better views and even upgrades for using the hotel’s official website.

Booking at the wrong time
Hotels usually try to fill up as many rooms as possible with advance booking while reserving some rooms for last-minute travelers. Book rooms well in advance, especially if you make plans for the holiday season. Hotels can double or triple their room prices for tourists who fail to book in advance.

Not signing up for hotel rewards
Hotels offer loyalty programs and membership benefits to frequent travelers. Loyalty points can be redeemed at the hotel front desk or online to book free stays and travel on your next vacation. So, ensure to sign up if you are a globetrotter!

Not reviewing the location
Location matters! When traveling to a new city, it pays to check in advance and confirm that the hotel is centrally located, meaning you should have access to local coffee shops, restaurants, and markets for eating and shopping, basically the whole purpose of your trip.

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