Best Lifeline calling plans to opt for

Best Lifeline calling plans to opt for

It might seem strange and even unbelievable that any company can provide absolutely free cell phones to its users. Since communication technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, everyone needs access to cell phones these days. But not everyone might have the economic ability to buy one. Luckily, there exists a program, which goes by the name of Lifeline Wireless whose target is the low-income consumers in the country. This program provides these financially needy people the best telecommunication services possible for free.

There was an idea behind a cause as noble as this; it was to facilitate each citizen with optimum cell phone service, irrespective of their ability to afford it. The Lifeline Wireless program gets the money which it requires from the Universal Service Fund and the body which maintains and monitors this program is the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Following is a list of Lifeline phone plans providers in the country.

CellSpan wireless plan provider
CellSpan is a comparatively new company in Lifeline Wireless Program but it has made sure to outdo all kinds of free cell phone service providers in the areas where it operates. It provides all the low-income users with the best cell phone service plans in existence, which offer free text messages and calls. The provider also comes with high-quality cell phones in the country that are free. The company would inevitably want to expand its operations and outreach throughout the country. They are among the leading Lifeline phone plans providers today.

Access Wireless plan provider
The Access Wireless is yet another Lifeline phone plans provider. Unlike the previous company, this one has operations and influence in almost twenty plus states among the fifty states of the country. Due to Access Wireless being such a huge name in this Lifeline Wireless program, there are many companies, fraudulent in nature, which have started working with names that sound similar. So, if the user decides to choose Access Wireless, they must make sure they have located the real one. This company is associated with yet another organization called the iWireless. It has been agreed by most users that the Access Wireless services are great as it serves many customers simultaneously. It would often be recommended to users to choose someone new who also shows great growth potential.

Budget mobile plan provider
Regular users of the Lifeline phone plans provided by several companies will probably know about Budget Mobile as it has been in this industry for quite some time. This provider, which is also a telecom operator, functions in many states. The calling plans offered by this company are generally very competitive and can serve all your needs if you are looking for any Lifeline Wireless service. However, if the user is a resident of California then it would be highly advisable to opt for this service as it provides unlimited text messages.

So, choose a provider and a Lifeline phone plan based on your needs and your location. Weigh the pros and cons of each provider and compare user reviews to be sure.

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