Check out the reviews for these popular washing machines

Check out the reviews for these popular washing machines

Washing machines have gotten all pricey and fancy. The evolution of this gadget has come as a blessing in disguise for all of us, especially in the 21st century. The best washing machines do many things than just shifting the filth, dirt, and stains. A good washing machine rinses the detergent effectively and uses as little electricity and water as possible.

Here are a few reviews to help you pick the right washing machine:

  • Electrolux EFLS627UTT
    This model is all about its washing capability. The front-load washer is priced under $1,000 and has received positive reviews from several publications. It can hold a large wash and has nine wash cycles, including a fast wash. You can easily customize the wash.
  • GE®Capacity Washer with Sanitize w/Oxi and FlexDispense®
    This model from GE is a great pick if you are looking for a feature-loaded machine to solve your purpose. It has key workout features that include washing bulky items, workout wear, sleeping bags, and coats. It has a deep rinse and deep load setting that allows you to fill more water for the clothes that require thorough rinsing and washing.
  • LG W300CW
    This model of LG makes for the best front-load washing machine. It comes with a speed wash feature and app controls. As compared to the other models, you get excellent performance standards, great reliability, and fast wash cycles, similar to the other high-end washing machines. With wi-fi smart home app controls, you can easily control its features and settings from the comfort of your sofa or couch alongside saving money.
  • FlexWash washing machine
    This FlexWash washing machine offers great flexibility and laundering features. It comes with dual washers that are separately controlled in the same unit. It has a lower washer for extra-large loads and super-cleaning options, including steam and sanitizing settings.
  • Kenmore 41262
    The Kenmore 41262 model is known highly for using little water and electricity and also for its excellent washing performance. It is a front load washing machine that is well-performing and equipped with basic features. You don’t get the smart home features or remote monitoring features in this model. What you do get is the “stay fresh” feature that ventilates and tumbles up the clothes after washing. This washing machine comes with magnetic stoppers that hold the door ajar when it is not in use. This helps in drying out the machine.

The reviews mentioned above will help you choose the right washing machine for your needs.

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