Chimney Repair – Warning Signs and Factors to Consider

Chimney Repair – Warning Signs and Factors to Consider

Whether it is the kitchen chimney or the exhaust chimney in factories and industries, keeping them operational 24/7 is crucial for safety. This means you would have to monitor their performance and check for signs of damage frequently. If the chimney stops working, harmful gasses, excessive heat, dust, and soot are all trapped inside the premises. Additionally, when a chimney stops working, it takes considerable time to get the right professionals to fix it.

Signs of damage
Also, here is when chimney repair becomes essential and unavoidable. First, you must know the signs indicating problems, as ignoring these early signs can lead to severe damage to the chimney, forcing you to replace such a costly structure. To help you identify the damage in chimneys of various types, below are some of the instances you should keep an eye on:

Rust: The first and most common sign of chimney damage is rust on the internal and external parts. Rust slows down the physical movements of various parts and causes higher electric or energy consumption.

Noise: You may also observe changes in the sound a chimney makes. For example, if the motor is damaged, you can hear a whirring sound when the chimney runs. Similarly, if the fan needs repair, you will hear the sound due to mechanical collision and internal damage.

Excessive heat: Lack of operational efficiency also indicates the need for immediate repairs. For instance, if the temperature inside the room continues to rise, the chimney cannot get rid of all the hot air as it should. Similarly, the excessive black smoke in commercial kitchens indicates an inefficient chimney requiring immediate repair.

White stains: Another damage sign you should keep an eye on is the white staining on the chimney. The formation of white stains means excess moisture deposition on the chimney walls, weakening the structural integrity. While you can remove these stains with cleaning, it can be a sign of internal damage, and the stains will reappear.

Damaged mortar joints: You must also call a commercial chimney repair company when the mortar joints seem weak and shaky. If you do not notice this problem early on, the chimney can come off from the wall joints and cause accidents.

Factors to consider

As keeping chimneys up and running is crucial, here are a few factors you must consider while considering chimney repair services. This can help you get the best deal and services.

Experience: Whenever you want to hire a company that carries out commercial chimney repairs, you look for the experience they have. For example, let’s consider company A and company B, both having been in the market for five years. But, company A started offering chimney repair services three years ago, while company B has been providing such services for just nine months. As company A has been repairing chimneys for three years, it will have more experience than B. If you hire company B, the technicians might not be well-versed in dealing with various problems associated with commercial chimneys.

Types of chimneys repaired: There are various types of chimneys used at commercial establishments. You must look for companies offering steel and iron chimney repair services in factories and industrial premises. For example, you can pick a company that offers expertise in providing electric chimney repair or traditional stone chimney repair. So, look up the exact services the professionals offer and ensure the chosen company can repair the type of chimney on your premises. If the professionals are unfamiliar with that particular type, it is better to move on to another option to lower the risk of future complications and extensive costs.

Past projects and clients: It is easier to gauge the market reputation of any commercial chimney repair service provider if you look into the past projects the company has handled. For example, let’s say your chosen company has not dealt with clients like you. In that case, hiring such a firm can be a huge liability because the technicians might not understand how your business works and the kind of efficiency you need from the chimneys. Also, when you look up the portfolio of the repair company, you can see if it has a trustworthy reputation or not.


You must consider the total chimney repair cost before selecting a company. First, the cost will include the service charges, which may only cover inspection or on-site repair. Second, if the service calls for replacement parts for chimney repair, the firm may add it to the quote or charge it later. You should check what is included in the estimate. So, you should ask for a price breakup from the company before you decide if the quoted amount is within your budget. Once you do, try to get quotes from two to three chimney repair companies and compare them to get the best deal.

Based on the discussion, you should thoroughly explore your options and then proceed with the negotiation. You should also verify if the company has the appropriate license and permits to carry out repair work.

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