Five effective home remedies for treating cough symptoms

Five effective home remedies for treating cough symptoms

The most troublesome symptom of flu is an unstoppable cough that almost seizes your whole day with discomfort. People have been depending on the home and natural remedies to cure their cough symptoms.

For all the cough symptoms that might irritate a person and cause chest pains, lack of sleep or even cause congestion, instead of over-the-counter medicines, home remedies are beneficial even now. Some of the ingredients necessary for preparing these remedies are very easily available in the kitchen. These effective ingredients remedies that could be made using them are as follows:

• Turmeric
Turmeric is the best relief for dry cough symptoms. Consume roasted turmeric (ground), along with water and honey twice daily. It will gradually give you relief from cough symptoms.

• Lemon
Vitamin-C is an outstanding infection fighter. Lemon can be used in a variety of ways. Most of the cough syrups have the advantageous properties of lemon. Thus, even a simple cough syrup can be easily made using a portion of honey with a double portion of lemon juice.

• Onion and garlic
Onion and garlic have the herbal properties to cure cough symptoms. A half portion of onion juice along with a huge spoon of pure honey can prove to be effective.

You can also crush garlic, mix it with clove oil and consume it with some honey for quick relief.

• Honey
For all the other home remedies, honey remains a constant ingredient. But it’s individual properties goes best with hot milk to treat cough symptoms. Pour some honey in a glass of milk before going to sleep for best results.

• Ginger
Ginger can be easily chewed in its raw state to get the best results. Further, you can also crush and add it to herbal tea to get relief.

Using one or more of these home remedies to get relief from cough symptoms, instead of opting for over-the-counter syrups that make you feel drowsy throughout the day, is always recommended. If your cough symptoms are chronic, it is advisable to consult a doctor and get a prescribed treatment.

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