Four popular power equipment from Stihl

Four popular power equipment from Stihl

Stihl is a reputed name in providing power equipment, ranging from chainsaws to weed eaters. For those looking to groom their garden or yard, Stihl power equipment can be the best bet. You can literally get every tool that you’ll need to add grace to your gardening space. Here is our pick of the most popular power equipment offered by the German power equipment manufacturer:

  • Chainsaws

These are portable mechanical saws, which consist of a set of saw teeth attached to a rotating chain, running along a guide bar. Chainsaws from Stihl are popular for carrying out a number of activities, ranging from tree felling and bucking to pruning and harvesting firewood. Along with Stihl leaf blower, Stihl also provides specialized chainsaws that can be used for cutting concrete as well as ice.

  • Leaf blower

Stihl leaf blower adds innovation to the standard functionality of a leaf blower. This German company provides both electric and gasoline-powered gardening tools to suit all requirements. Some leaf blowers are used in line with a bag, known as blower vacs. This equipment sucks in leaves as well as twigs and shreds them. The shredded pieces are then stored in a bag attached to the equipment. Leaf blowers are available in 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines.

  • Portable sawmill

Another popular power equipment from Stihl is a portable sawmill. It allows users to mill their own lumber, apart from offering the convenience to move it easily from one place to another. Stihl provides a wide variety of portable sawmills to fulfill all types of milling load requirements.

  • Weed eater

There are several names for a weed eater including weed wacker, line trimmer, and a weed whip. Weed whackers are used for cutting grass and weeds grown near objects. A weed eater is ideal to be used on a steep or irregular terrain. Instead of a blade, weed eaters make use of a monofilament line for carrying out its operation. Stihl offers a wide variety of weed whackers to keep your garden safe from unwanted growth.

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