Here’s why you can choose metal storage cabinets over wooden ones

Here’s why you can choose metal storage cabinets over wooden ones

When it comes to storage cabinets, metal and wood are the most popular material choices among others such as plastic, synthetic and engineered wood. Every homeowner wants storage cabinets that look great, are high on functionality and last for a long time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that each of these materials come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a list of advantages using metal storage cabinets over wooden ones.

The main disadvantage of using wood instead of metal storage cabinets is its ability to be affected by moisture. Wood is also susceptible to destruction by pest and looks aged if not maintained. It expands and contracts with changing humidity and can warp over time. Since they are heavy, transporting them from one place to another is exceedingly difficult.. They are difficult to clean, requiring special products that are specifically designed for wood cleaning.

Advantages of buying metal storage cabinets are plenty. Metal storage cabinets are available in many different sizes and styles, so they can easily meet your requirements. They are known for their durability, as they can be used for holding even bulky items. Indoor uses of metal storage cabinets include pantry items, clothing, linens and multimedia storage. Outdoor metal storage cabinets are good for tools, paint, or hardware. Many metal cabinet models feature adjustable or removable shelving.

Metal storage cabinets are mostly pre-assembled, which saves time. Users can clean them easily, and they do need not any repainting. A sponge and a solution of mild detergent and water is enough to clean a metal cabinet. Outdoor metal storage cabinets can be cleaned using a garden hose once or twice a year, followed by natural drying. Areas affected by rust need to be scrubbed with steel wool or lightly sanded. For example, if your metal choice is Aluminium, your cabinet is likely to be highly durable and lightweight. Additionally, it would be resistant to rust. Added advantages of using an aluminum metal storage cabinet are that it is resistant to humidity and can cope with temperature variations.

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