How to select decorative chaise lounge cushions

How to select decorative chaise lounge cushions

All outdoor spaces around your home need comfortable seating options whether it is a small patio or a big poolside space. One such option is a chaise lounge.

You can use chaise lounges in any outdoor area in your home. But chaise lounges without cushions are not comfortable. Choosing plain or bland chaise lounge cushions can reflect poorly on your outdoor area. This is why it is important to invest in comfortable and durable but also beautiful outdoor chair cushions.

Here are some ideas for selecting the right decorative chaise lounge cushions.


The color of your outdoor bench cushions can make or break your seating area. One way to enhance your outdoor décor is to use bold colors for the cushions. You can use different colors for each seating option.

For instance, you can use different kinds of chairs in a large backyard or pool area. You can use pale pink for your glider cushion. Your outdoor chair cushions can be in bright pink colors and outdoor bench cushions can be in fuchsia. To further brighten the place, you can use purple cushions for your chaise lounges.

You can use your creativity to make different color combinations for your outdoor furniture cushions.


You don’t have to stick to solid colors for your outdoor cushions. You can buy cushions in different patterns to decorate your outdoor seating area.

If minimalism is the theme running through your house’s décor, cushions in white and black stripes are perfect for this setting. For a Mediterranean theme, choose stripes or geometric patterns in blue and white. Buy floral patterns for your rocking chair cushions if you have water elements like a fountain near your patio.


The outdoor cushion material has to withstand different weather conditions. So, invest in cushions made of durable materials. Sunbrella cushions are extremely durable and do not fade. These cushions do not stain and are easily washable. If you want a less expensive option for your outdoor cushions, you can choose from cotton canvas, PVC, acrylic linen etc.

Stylish cushions can add value to even old furniture. These pillows are totally worth it.

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