Keith’s story – Overcoming snoring and sleep apnea using ZQuiet®

Keith’s story – Overcoming snoring and sleep apnea using ZQuiet®

My name is Keith Ledbetter, 53 years old, married, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have had trouble breathing during my sleep and suffered from chronic sleep deprivation, which led to tiredness, constant irritation, and poor concentration. It also started taking a heavy toll on my cardiac health. Needless to say, everyday was troublesome and upsetting.

My condition dates back to the time when I, along with my family, moved from Tampa to Jacksonville around five years ago to start my own business. It was during this time that I started feeling dizzy all day long, couldn’t work for more than four hours per day, started gaining weight, was unable to focus on my business, and experienced sleep attacks during the daytime. I never had enough sleep and took smaller naps during the day to compensate for the lack of sleep at night, but nothing seemed to work out.

My productivity reduced and I could not keep up with any new projects. Back at home, the condition was worse. At nights, my loud and constant snoring disturbed my wife’s sleep too. In the beginning, she mentioned about counting the number of hours I snored and the moments she couldn’t hear me breathing. Over a period, this started disrupting her sleep and she decided to sleep in the guest room. All in all, my condition was an obstruction to both my personal and professional life.

The undiagnosed condition, constant frustration due to lack of sleep and energy, increasing fatigue and the sickly feeling altogether drove me crazy. So, I finally consulted my family physician who carried out a thorough check. I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I did not want to be on long-term medication, so I decided to practice meditation and breathing exercises. Although my mind was calm after a couple of months of practicing these techniques, I realized my snoring did not stop. I consulted my doctor again and he suggested that I go for an anti-snoring device.

I researched extensively about various products that could help me treat the condition. I wanted a device that was easy to use and comfortable. One of the most popular ones that I came across was ZQuiet. The anti-snoring device had the maximum positive reviews, so I ordered it online for $9.95 on a 30-day trial period.

It arrived as a ready-to-wear mouthpiece. The “breathe holes” on the device kept the airway free of any obstructions and made sure that my mouth stayed open. Its Living Hinge Technology enabled me to drink water or even talk while I was wearing it. Most importantly, it didn’t require me to go to a dental lab and get a custom fit; the overall design provided a comfortable fit. After using the device for a couple of times, I started feeling more refreshed, energetic, and focused during the day.

I had read reviews about other anti-snoring devices as well, but ZQuiet stood out due to its high-quality make and easy fit. One of the best parts was that I could easily clean it with mild dish soap.

I continued to use it and noticed my snoring gradually stopped. My breathing while sleeping improved and I no longer felt lethargic during the day. I must say, buying ZQuiet was one of the best decisions as I finally got my life back on track. I highly recommend this device to everyone who has been facing issues like sleep apnea and snoring. So, if you too have been suffering from snoring and obstructive breathing and can relate to the issues I have had, you don’t have to anymore. Act today to better your life!

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