Leasing options available with Dodge automobiles

Leasing options available with Dodge automobiles

Dodge is known for its versatility and it has a car for every type of buyer. The car giant is offering attractive deals on all its models including Charger, Challenger, and Journey. Military and Veteran discounts are also available with Dodge dealers.

Dodge lease specials are grabbing eyeballs for their best ever offers of the season. Here are the leasing rates for all the Dodge vehicles:

Charger: Charger gives a mileage of 30MPG on a highway. It even features an LED racetrack tail lamp. The Charger runs on a 292 hp and 3.6L Penta star V6 Engine. It has an interactive 8.4-inch touchscreen display for easy navigation. Dodge lease specials for Charger works out at $273 per month for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing for the MSRP of $31,995. Dealers are even offering cash allowance up to $3,750.

Challenger: Considered among one of the strongest muscle cars in the country, the Dodge Challenger runs on 305 hp, 3.6 L Penta star V6 engine, and eight-speed automatic transmissions. The leasing option for the Dodge Challenger begins at $149 per month for 36 months with $3,069 due at signing.

Viper: The Dodge Viper is a more race car inspired mechanism which runs on the road like a pro. With 645 hp, 8.4L V10 engines, it is a perfect package for driving enthusiasts who want thrill and adventure along with an aerodynamic look. The Viper has 3-mode electronic stability control and advanced multistage front airbags which provide adequate safety for the driver. The Dodge Viper can be easily called as Beauty with Brawn. It costs $90,495 MSRP with attractive leasing options available at the delaership.

Journey: This 7-seater SUV has a 67 cubic feet cargo space making room for you and your family comfortably. The Dodge Journey runs on 4-speed automatic transmission. Stay connected with a remote USB port and Bluetooth so that you do not miss anything while you are on the go. One can avail of cash allowance up to $4,000. The Dodge lease specials for Journey begin at $258 per month for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing.

Durango: The Dodge Durango is an SUV, with a difference. Buyers love Durango for its ruggedness. It is one of the most economical and luxurious SUVs, whose range falls within $30,000. With a towing capacity of 7,400 pounds, Dodge lease specials offer $2,000 cash allowance on 2017 Durango. For those looking to lease a coveted Dodge Durango, the monthly leasing starts from $332 per month for 39 months and $2,999 due at signing.

Grand Caravan: Versatility thy name is Dodge Grand Caravan. With enough room for everyone and wireless connectivity, the Grand Caravan has 55 safety features aimed to keep the driver and passengers safe. Buyers can lease the Dodge Grand Caravan at $289 per month for 39 months and $2,999 due at signing.

For those looking for an American made and built car, Dodge is their number one destination and choice. Dodge lease specials vary from dealers and locations.

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