Popular farm tractor tires to choose from

Popular farm tractor tires to choose from

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to buying the perfect farm tractor tires. Buying the right tires for your tractor is important. To determine what is the right tire for your tractor, knowing what the brands stand for, will help your decision-making process.

Let us look at the popular farm tractor tires brand that you can consider to pick.

They make tires for all agricultural needs. Their range of R-1 ag tires are all purpose tractor tires. The multi angle long bar design in the tires allows these tires to be used in all soil conditions. The Carlisle brand name stands for best in class quality, cutting edge technology and product performance.

This company has a legacy of about 120 years. Titan tires are durable on and off the field, and they are made in the U.S. LSW (Low Side Wall) technology used in these tires helps farmers maximize productivity. The product list is long and impressive. The Titan TT49V tire has a deeper tread than an RI tire and offers improved traction.

The name Goodyear is synonymous with good quality and dependability. The range of farm tractor tires is impressive. Their tires offer superior traction and smooth ride. Depending on one’s agricultural needs, the tires are many.

AirCell tire inflation system developed with AGCO/Fendt used in the Mitas tires help to boost the performance. Their range includes tractor radial tires, combine tires, tractor cross ply tires and much more.

Firestone tires
They offer complete off-the-road tire solutions. Their new line of VersaBuilt can be used across many farm equipment and different soil conditions. Their tractor tires made using AD technology tires can support a higher load capacity, offer better traction and fuel savings and reduced soil compaction. A noted point in their favor is the tires are farm tested.

As a company, ATG believes in innovation, research, and technology. Their product range of farm tractor tires reflects the vision of the company. The Alliance 372 Agriflex is one of the noteworthy tractor tires. The increased sidewall flexibility lets the tires to carry up to 20% more load.

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