Popular Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women over Sixty

Popular Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women over Sixty

With the advancement in hairstyling techniques, women, irrespective of their age, no longer experience difficulty in finding the best low-maintenance hairstyle options, featuring layered cuts and dimensional colors. These options perfectly highlight the strands, giving the mane a fuller, volumizing effect. However, the idea is to choose the correct hairstyle for women over sixty to accentuate their personality, facial features, hair texture, and complexion.

Latest haircuts

Pixie with an undercut
Women over sixty years with fine hair can opt for this haircut as it adds dimension and volume to the locks. A stylish pixie with an undercut can be a great option for those who feel experimental. This cut will suit any hair type, whether straight, curly, or wavy.

Slicked-back undercut
This contemporary haircut can flatter any face shape. With the shaved sides and back, the slicked-back hairstyle looks extremely edgy and bold. As the top strands are kept long, one can create different variations. You can twist the front part of your hair and pin it on the side with a clip or brush it back for a neat and clean look.

Asymmetrical style
This haircut is perfect for those who’d like to ditch their long tresses. This trendy haircut is easy to maintain. Side bangs with layers will effortlessly enhance the look.

Silver wavy bob
Show off your grays with great confidence. A simple jaw-length bob with layers can instantly liven up anyone’s style quotient. In addition, long side-swept bangs will frame the face beautifully.

The Classic Jane Fonda or Feathered hair
You cannot go wrong with the classic Jane Fonda hairstyle. The wispy bangs and the spiky flicked-out ends have remained a favorite since the 70s’. This haircut will suit those with long and short hair. Additionally, this haircut will make the face look longer.

Graduated bob with bangs
A graduated bob with bangs can be your go-to hairstyle if you are experiencing hair thinning. It is one of the best haircuts for older women with fine hair. This haircut is a trendy amalgam of edgy and chic without being too over the top. The wispy bangs in the front add an illusion of volume.

Sleek bob
It is one of the most prevalent hairstyles for women over 60, and it never disappoints. The sleek bob gives the chin-length hair more dimension and volume. It takes all the attention to the jawline, enhancing the overall look. This haircut can work perfectly for those with thick hair.

Ultra-layered crop
It’s a crop cut that provides shape and volume to the hair without much work. Invest in a reliable hairspray and a blow-out brush to ensure that the layered hair stays high and voluminous across the day.

Hairstyles for women over sixty

Elegant updo
Updos are suitable for all formal settings, like charity galas or events. You just need to simply keep your hair swept back in a bun or ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. This hairstyle enhances your face and neck area, giving attention to your jewelry, particularly necklaces and earrings. It is a classic and timeless hairstyle that works well for women of all ages.

The bold quiff
This dramatic haircut is suitable for women yearning to turn all heads in their sixties. The cut is short on the sides and long on the front. You can easily pull off your natural silver hair with this hairstyle.

Effortless ponytail
Pulling the hair up in a ponytail is an excellent way to hide bad hair days. It saves you from fixing your hair all day and gives a carefree yet classy look. Gather all the hair in a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can tease/backcomb the crown section for volume. This hairstyle will work best for any formal or casual events.

Stylish low bun
If you are looking for a classy yet trendy hairstyle for a dinner date, this one is a must-try. This fits well with straight or slightly wavy hair. Make a deep side partition. Tease the crown and the lower section separately for a voluminous effect. Then take the lower part of the hair and twist it in a bun near the nape. Smoothen the crown section and pin the flyaways with bobby pins. You can also use a light-hold hairspray to keep the bun in place.

Long balayage
Balayage is a beautiful highlighting technique involving freehand colors sweeping down the tresses. If you want a makeover, opt for some gradient highlights to your long or short hair. It can make any woman look more youthful in an instant.

These are some classic hairstyles and haircuts that women over 60 can try for different occasions. Also, discuss your preferences with the hairstylist for best results.

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