Popular Online Brokerage Services

Popular Online Brokerage Services

The profession of an intermediary facilitating the transfers and transactions of shares and stocks is termed as brokerage. In today’s commercial scenario, the investors have access to multiple choices when it comes to brokerage firms. From petite to large, apprentices to old hands, traders can call on any company according to their requirement as it deems fit to yield maximum returns. Here is a list of top brokerage firms in the country you can reach out to.

Ally Invest

Ally Invest aims at amplifying and broadening the trader’s access to active trading at an insistent and simple price. The company is considered to be a staunch provider of great services, products and value. Adding to that, it also provides online banking and related services.

Ally Invest does not favor a change in pricing in the foreseeable future. It remains constant, which is around $4.95 per trade on stocks, $4.95 base trade, and $0.65 on per contract options. For active traders and high net worth investors, the firm offers even lower commissions. If a trader maintains an average balance of around $100,000 as per calendar quarter, a stock trade will only cost around $3.95 for 30 or more trades in the prior calendar quarter to the customer. Option trades will cost around $3.95 along with $0.50 per contract. The pricing is based on one-leg or multi-leg options. The broker tenders a range of US-based load and no-load mutual funds.

Ally invest does not apply any charge for automated phone trades. In addition to that, Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) for whole and fractional shares are obtainable free of cost. Someone opening an account with Ally Invest for the first time may be taken aback to see that there are no minimum account balances.


Started in 1997, Firstrade is considered as one of the most successful brokerage firms in the country. The company boasts of a total asset of around $166 billion. They offer convenient services at incredibly affordable prices. The online platform and their mobile app promise effective functioning and easy navigation.

With access to over 10,000 different mutual funds, clients have diverse tools to educate themselves at their disposal. The brokers charge a fee of around $26.95 for facilitating transactions with the trader. Minimum deposit is not a requisite for opening an account with Firstrade, and their customer service is commendable.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade caters to various investment products at affordable prices to clients. Two of the significant features that make the company worth finding are cash management and good trading tools.

Cost of trading stocks and ETFs is around $6.95. Trading with their automated phone system is relatively expensive at $34.95 approximately while resorting to a live broker’s assistance costs around $49.99. Options cost an extra $0.75 per contract.

TD Ameritrade provides more than 100 commission-free ETF’s from 13 different providers. The broker offers a wide range of various mutual funds, out of which 2000 mutual funds are devoid of a transaction fee. Transaction fee charges are up to $49.99 approximately.

Futures cost around $2.25 per contract. Treasuries are auctioned at $25 approximately. TD Ameritrade provides investors entry to both government and corporate obligation. Minimum deposit is not mandatory for opening an account at TD Ameritrade.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is one of the industry giants in the country with a whopping $2.55 trillion net worth. They offer a wide range of investment products available online and at 325 offices in 45 states in the country. It has around 9.6 million active brokerage accounts.

Stock and ETF will be valued at $6.95 per transaction approximately. Options are figured on $6.95 plus $ 0.70 per contract. No charges are levied on mutual funds although funds yielding maximum profits are not free of cost. If a person invests in any of the no-fee funds, they will be charged the highest commission in Charles Schwab.

Opening a brokerage account at Charles Schwab costs a minimum fee of $1000 approximately. The minimum fee can be abjured, if investors opt for an automated monthly deposit of about $100 through direct deposit or Schwab MoneyLink. Charges for setting up an Individual Retirement account are also abdicated. No maintenance or inactivity fees are levied.

USAA Investments

USSA Investments are a veteran in the stock market, skillfully serving investors for 40 years and more. USSA brokerage account is accessible both to the militants and the general public.

USSA Investments cost around $8.95 per trade. Options charge is around $8.95 plus $0.75 per contract. Cost of mutual funds is $45, which is considered moderate among the firm’s investors. Treasury securities are auctioned at $45. Minimum deposits are abdicated for opening a brokerage account at USSA Investments.

Innumerable alterations have been observed amongst the top brokerage firms in the recent past. Every company differs in their dominance and deficiency and not every firm suits best for a particular investor. Therefore, before laying out money in a brokerage account, you must do a thorough research.

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