Quick Tips to Get Relief from Headache

Quick Tips to Get Relief from Headache

A headache is one of the most common chronic pains. If a person is suffering from a headache, it will not only drain away the energy but will also result in health deterioration eventually. However, if precautionary measures are taken, a person can get some relief and return to the normal course of work they might be doing.

Below are listed some headache relief tips that can be practiced to get relief from head pain which might otherwise bring lethargy in a person’s approach to daily tasks.

Headache treatment through medications
There is a range of over the counter headache medications which can be used to cure a headache. Medication which contains either ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen can be taken after guidance from a registered medical practitioner. Similarly, medications containing a combination of aspirin, caffeine or acetaminophen can also be used for getting some relief from persisting headache.

However, in cases where a person suffers from regular bouts of a headache a dose of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug as naproxen or ibuprofen is recommended.

However, in cases when these over-the-counter headache relief medicines are frequently used, these can lead to dependence on these drugs.

Headache relief tips
In most cases, the headache can be cured without the use of medications. These below-listed headache relief tips will help you in reducing the intensity of a headache and over the counter medicines will only be needed in severe cases of a headache.

Closing the eyes to get some rest
This is one of the easiest headache relief tips. It will help in case of a migraine headache and can also help a person get some immediate relief in case of a headache, which arises due to tension related issues. The person suffering from a headache needs to sit in a room which is dark. Relaxation in such atmosphere for some time will help in getting some relief from a headache.

Sleeping for short durations when a headache is severe will also help in reducing the intensity of head pain.

Massaging the neck and temples
Massaging in the neck and temple area can also help in soothing the muscles. This will improve the blood flow and will provide relief in case of headaches which arise due to tension related issues.

Warming up the neck
You can also put a heating pad or a warm cloth in the area around your neck. Putting this cloth in the base of the skull will also reduce the intensity of a headache. If any of these techniques do not help in getting relief from a headache, ice cubes can be used to reduce the intensity of head pain.

If a headache does not wither away after trying these techniques, relaxation is another viable method of getting some immediate relief from a headache. The person can meditate, try visualizing an image of nature or practice deep breathing. People who suffer from muscle contraction headache benefit a lot from this technique.

Minimizing the stress
Learn to stay away from stress. If a severe headache persists during night hours, prefer to sleep in peaceful areas away from stress. You should also avoid atmosphere which is noise prone or have some utter chaos prevailing all around.

Keeping a tab on your diet
The food a person takes has much impact on the health and determines to a great extent if the person will suffer from a headache or not. People who are more prone to a headache should avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol products. Meals should also not be skipped as this leads to headaches and if this is done on a regular basis, chronic headache problem might develop.

Natural remedies for a headache

Ginger is known to reduce the inflammation of blood vessels in the head. If ginger is taken in the diet on a regular basis, it will help in reducing the intensity of a headache. It can be taken in the form of ginger tea or can be mixed with some lemon juice. Sipping this mixture on a regular basis will help you cure a headache.

Cinnamon can help you reduce the intensity of a headache. Cinnamon can be ground into a powder and can be made into a paste by adding some water. This paste can then be applied on the forehead. Leaving this paste for half an hour will soothe the senses and will offer some immediate relief from a headache.

Basil is known for its medicinal properties and can be used effectively to cure a headache. Three to four leaves of basil can be boiled in water and left to simmer. Adding some lemon to this mixture will enable you to drink the same in the form of tea. Alternatively, the leaves of basil can also be consumed raw. This will also help relieve a headache and get some immediate relief.

Try the above-listed headache relief tips, and you will get over this problem and lead a healthy life.

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