Sinus Drainage Treatments for Instant Relief

Sinus Drainage Treatments for Instant Relief

Sinus infection and mucus accumulation can be troublesome. Your nose gets clogged and breathing becomes a hassle. This can affect your focus, productivity, and the constant discharge of mucus on your tissues and handkerchiefs can disrupt your day-to-day life. But there are ways through which you can get relief from these issues. Listed below are some common sinus drainage treatments that can provide you instant relief.

Drink plenty of water
Drink at least 3–4 liters of water in a day, or at least one glass of water after every meal or snack. The more water you drink, the more your sinus infection will be flushed out by the fluids. Water helps with skin hydration and also cleanses your organs. Make sure that you avoid consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages as they cause dehydration and worsen sinus infections.

Nasal irrigation
Neti pot is one of the best ways to gently flush out the sinus from your nose. The shape of a neti pot resembles Alladin’s lamp and is filled with a saline solution that helps clean your nostrils. You can make your own saline solution at home by dissolving one teaspoon of sea salt into distilled, filtered, and sterilized water and mixing a pinch a baking soda to this. Make sure you clean your neti pot regularly and use the pot on your nasal passages correctly. Tilt your head when pouring the saline solution into your nostril so that it reaches the other end of your nostrils. This will help flush away all the bacteria and various nasal irritants. Make sure you try this in the presence of a specialist on your first try.

You can also alternatively use saline drips, squeeze bottles, and bulb syringes for similar results.

Steam treatment
A steam shower can loosen up mucus accumulation and give you relief from sinus infections. Alternatively, you can also try steam treatments with a bowl of hot water and a towel. Wrap the towel around your head to trap the steam and efficiently to treat your sinus infection.

For better results, you can also mix menthol in the water. You can also use camphor or eucalyptus oils into your steam treatment to accelerate the treatment process.

Another form of steam treatment is by humidifying your room and inhaling the steam followed by wrapping your face in towel or clothing for 10 to 20 minutes. This helps unclog your nasal passages and get instant relief.

Herbal teas
Add a few holy basil leaves to 200 ml of water and let it simmer for a while with a lid covering the solution. Drink this accompanied with coriander seeds or a pinch of jaggery for added taste.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is said to be one of the best sinus drainage treatments and easily cures conditions like sinusitis. You can mix one tablespoon in a glass of water and drink this to get great results.

Chicken soup
The steam in the chicken soup followed by the effectiveness of an active ingredient present in it helps remove nasal blockages and treat sinus infections. Scientists don’t know exactly what this active ingredient is but several studies suggest that it is an effective sinus drainage treatment. This active ingredient also helps relieve inflammation in the nasal passages, allowing you to breathe more freely.

Wet and warm compresses
Lay a warm compress over your nose, cheeks, and forehead for about two to three minutes. Replace this with a wet compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this treatment two to three times to get instant relief.

Saline gargles
Saline gargle is a popular solution that helps with sinus infections. You can try this by drinking 200 ml water mixed with a pinch of sea-salt. Try deep gargling with this and spit it out. Also, keep drinking the solution in sips to help drain the mucus and clear the nasal passages. Post this, wrap your neck with a warm compress to help loosen mucus accumulation. Repeat this process at least two to three times to get relief.

Ventilate your home
Make sure that your home is well ventilated at all times. This helps clear the air of dust and impurities which cause mucus accumulation and sinus infections. Without proper ventilation, the air can dry up and make it stale which worsens your sinus infections.

Keep your pets out
You might be pet lover but ensure to not let your pets sleep in the same bed as you. The fur from their body can act as irritants for your sinus infections and worsen it. Have them sleep in another room or outdoors if your sinus infection starts to get worse.

Quit smoking
Smoking causes dehydration, and the smoke acts as a sinus infection irritant. If your family members are heavy smokers, tell them to stop smoking in your presence. Avoid exposure to smoke and fumes accompanied by strong odors. This can help you give you relief and clear up your nasal passages.

These sinus drainage treatments can help clear your sinus infection to a great extent. However, if you aren’t seeing visible results, consult a doctor for professional medication.

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