Split King Adjustable Beds – Benefits and Factors to Consider Before Buying

Split King Adjustable Beds – Benefits and Factors to Consider Before Buying

Technological advancements have led to the creation of many new products, one of which is the split king adjustable bed. Just like its name, the split king bed is adjustable, as two twin XL mattresses are placed together. Each mattress can be customized according to a person’s body type and sleep position. If a couple is having difficulties choosing a mattress, this bed might be the best choice. Listed below are a few more benefits.

Advantages of split king adjustable beds
Here are some of the diverse benefits offered:

Enjoy personal comfort
While we sleep, we may not have much control over our body postures. A split king adjustable bed allows you to enjoy sleeping in any position without disturbing your or your partner’s comfort.

Reduces motion isolation
Since an individual and their partner will be sleeping on two separate mattresses, none can feel any disturbances while moving around in their sleep.

Minimize snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux issues
If one has sleep apnea or acid reflux, their sleep can be affected. It would be better to sleep in an appropriate position like elevating your head. Acid reflux can also be treated by sleeping in an elevated position to ease the digestive tract. A bed with a reclining support system can put the head and stomach of a person in the appropriate position.

Improve blood circulation and oxygen absorption
If a person suffers from arthritis, swollen legs, or spasms, the adjustable bed can help. It adjusts the base to ease the pain, so that your legs remain slightly elevated. This position will improve blood circulation and may even help manage swelling.

No restrictions for people with mobility issues
People who have mobility issues can benefit from this bed. One can utilize the adjustable feature of the bed to accommodate people with different conditions – from limb limitation to paralysis.

Convenience in lifestyle
With this adjustable bed, you can conveniently enjoy reading, watching television, working on a laptop, etc. This bed will improve your lifestyle consistently.

How much does one need for a split king adjustable bed?
The price of a split king adjustable bed can vary. The entire cost includes the mattresses, bed frame, and installation charges. A split king adjustable may cost you $2,296 on average. A few budget-friendly options can come with price tags of around $1,622. Saatva Adjustable Base Plus, Puffy Serenity Adjustable Base, Leesa Adjustable Base are some of the highly rated adjustable beds. You can also check out Nectar Adjustable Bundle, which includes a bed frame, memory foam mattress, pillows, sheets, and mattress protector.

Factors to consider before buying a split king adjustable bed
The market has numerous options. You must pick the right one that will suit your need. This is why you should pay attention to the factors discussed below to get the best deal on the split king adjustable bed.

Lifestyle conditions
If one has any preexisting conditions, the doctor may recommend sleeping in a particular position to alleviate the pain. The adjustable bed can help you find your comfort level.

Sleeping preferences
Every individual has particular sleeping preferences – side sleeper or back sleeper. While side sleepers must watch out for pressure points forming in the shoulder and hips, back sleepers tend to add more pressure on their tailbones. Once you identify your preference, you can approach any dealership for a split king adjustable bed.

Nowadays, adjustable beds come with many features — controlling the bed with a remote, Bluetooth connection and voice control, underbed lighting, massage motors, lumbar support, and so much more. You can look for these features if you wish to elevate your sleeping experience.

The price of a split king adjustable bed is a crucial aspect to consider. Since its price is higher than regular beds, you should prepare your budget accordingly. If you are considering an adjustable bed with two sections, you will require two mattresses and two XL sheets for them.

Understand the warranty service
Every product comes with a specific warranty. It is advisable to buy a bed that comes with a warranty, because it will save money on repair and maintenance. Since you will invest in your comfort, you must ensure the warranty comes along.

Take the trial
If you’re not convinced, you can opt for trials. Many companies offer at least a 100-night trial option. You can take the test to ensure you are getting the best adjustable bed possible. This is also a good time to test any additional features the bed has. You can approach a split king adjustable bed dealership for a trial offer.

Split king adjustable beds can come with a higher price, but they are worth the comfort. Packed with multiple features and benefits, the bed will provide a decent resting experience. It’s best to give yourself some time to get adjusted to the bed. Once you do, your investment will be worth it.

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