Stage 3 Kidney Disease Symptoms to Look Out For

Stage 3 Kidney Disease Symptoms to Look Out For

All our organs have their own functions, which makes them vital if we are to live a healthy and active life. Yet, there are many conditions and situations where these organs may come down with some kind of infection leading to a failure to carry out the functions in a usual manner. While many of these infections may be short term, there are others which can lead to chronic problems and even fatalities in the long run.

Kidney Disease or Renal Failure

Our kidney is a pair of organs located close to the lumbar or lower back region. This disease leads to a failure of the kidneys to carry out their functions, which can also make it fatal and dangerous. The organs are located on either side of the base of the spine, and their primary job is to process the toxins in the body, which are later flushed out by way of urination. The kidneys are related to the bladder, and any malfunction in these organs will lead to a failure in removal of these toxins from the body, which then becomes a rather dangerous situation for the human body.

Any kidney disease is known to progress through stages which sometimes might take years. It is up to us and our doctor to recognize these symptoms and treat the disease when it is at stage one, two, three or even four. Before we speak about the symptoms of kidney disease and stage three, in particular, let us understand a little more about this disease and the causes.

The Causes:

Kidney disease or renal failure may happen due to many reasons. It may initially emerge as a side effect of some chronic disease like diabetes, which leads to a malfunction of the kidneys. It may also happen when the blood supply to the kidneys decreases. This triggers a failure when it comes to flushing out the toxins through the bladder, which can cause further complications. Dehydration and loss of precious fluids from the body can also lead to a failure of the kidneys. Also, the use of specific strong medication like water pills or diuretics can also lead to loss of water and failure of the kidneys.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease:

These causes can quickly lead to many symptoms and throw the body into the first stage of kidney disease. In the beginning, the stages may not be diagnosed because one may end up overlooking the symptoms of weakness and bloating. These are the signs that one must watch out for, especially if these continue for a prolonged period even with a proper diet and routine exercise.

Symptoms of Stage 3 Kidney Disease:

As discussed above, there are various stages of kidney disease or kidney failure. The last two stages are particularly crucial because this is where the disease progresses fast and constant treatment, as well as monitoring, is required. Stage 3 kidney disease is also known as CKD or Stage 3 chronic kidney disease. In this stage, the kidney functions rapidly deteriorate, and there is a sharp decline in the GFR or the Glomerular Filtration Rate. As a result, there is a build up of many kinds of toxins and waste products which the body is unable to flush out. Painful conditions characterize most stage 3 kidney disease symptoms.

One of the first symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease is weakness and fatigue. A patient suffering from stage 3 kidney disease will find that weakness is a part of his or her daily life because the inability of the kidneys to flush out the toxins will lead to many complications for the rest of the organs.

Another prominent stage 3 kidney disease symptom includes fluid retention. This is also known as bloating in layman terms. One will find swelling and inflammation in the abdominal region as well as the joints. This may initially be termed as weight gain by people who are not aware of the symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease. But constant fluid retention which leads to a tight feeling and pain should not be ignored. This kind of fluid retention will also lead to shortness of breath because the lungs and other pulmonary organs will be affected by the same, which can lead to problems when it comes to breathing in a usual manner.

Pain in the knees, the back, the lumbar region, and cramps in the muscles are also some of the signs and symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease, which should be reported to a doctor immediately. Urination may become a problem with blood discharge found in the urine as well. This is one of the most critical stage 3 kidney disease symptoms, which must not be ignored under any circumstances.

Although it’s not possible to reverse the damage done to the kidneys, patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases can feel better by having a better diet, taking their medications on time, exercising regularly, cutting off alcohol consumption and taking vaccinations against other infections.

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