The Canary Islands Guide – Places to Visit, Flight Costs, and More

The Canary Islands Guide – Places to Visit, Flight Costs, and More

Whether you’re traveling for a weekend trip with a group of friends or a romantic getaway with your partner, the Canary Islands will be the perfect destination. The island offers various adrenaline-pumping activities, including evocative dunes and volcanic beaches. The sun-baked island is home to developing a line-up of sustainable tourism activities. Scroll down to explore the comprehensive Canary holiday guide before heading off.

A guide to the Canary holiday
Away from the pocket of a hectic life, the Spain’s Canary Island is an archipelago of endless attractions, from gastronomic delights and Insta-worthy landscapes. The Canary Islands has something to offer for everyone, be it for those who want to simply relax on the shore of beaches or those who want to engage in adventurous outdoor activities.

Keep on reading to discover the must-visit places in the Canarian Islands.

Tenerife – Intriguing and infinite variety
Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary group, the best fit for couples and families. The southern tip of this epicenter encompasses resorts, restaurants, and water parks. You can head through the rowing glory of cool pine forests and the eponymous volcano.

Fuerteventura – Jaw-dropping, heavenly scenery
Blessed with golden sand, this unpretentious Fuerteventura island is a lively seaside space town, giving out a natural vibe. The primary highlight of this island is Corralejo National Park. It also has a seamless and appealing wildness-rich beach, one of the best places to surf.

Gran Canaria – A distinctive, diverse landscape
The Gran Canaria has a dramatic scenario, with lively resorts, perfect beaches, and cultural sites worth visiting. If you want you indulge in something adventurous, then you can visit its classic volcanic cone profile. Adorned with museums and galleries, this stunning place is a perfect space for a thrilling, informative afternoon.

Lanzarote – Exquisite, elegant ambiance
Lanzarote is an aesthetically pleasing island, thanks to the creative architectural style of the space. The magic side of the island lies in its journey through a volcanic grotto and Malvasia wine grapes. You can also visit the Timanfaya national park and have a remote beach experience in this picture-perfect place.

La Graciosa – Scintillating, secluded getaway
La Graciosa is located on the northern tip, the embarkation point to escape your busy life. It provides an unforgettable view of natural scenery. It also has the most spectacular mirador and two smaller islands in the background.

Tips for choosing the best villas in the Canary Islands
Staying in luxury villas has become a trend during staycations. A villa will be ideal if you plan a Canary holiday. But how do you pick the right accommodation when you get there? To help you, we have compiled practical tips for picking the perfect villas in the Canary.

  • Location
    Understanding the area in the Canary island is essential to planning a vacation. It will help you discover the activities available and places to add to the itinerary. This will allow you to rent a villa in the right location, near the sightseeing sites.
  • Space
    Adequate space is crucial to enjoying the trip without any hassles. If you travel with children, you can opt for the villa with a play area to relax and entertain without any disturbances.
  • Amenities and facilities
    You do not want to rent a villa for a vacation that doesn’t have any basic amenities. Therefore, consider the space with great facilities like a pool, gym, and more. It should have easy accessibility of transports and public amenities in the locality.
  • Experience
    While you want the villa near beaches or mountains, read the reviews about the specific villa before you opt for the option. It will help you achieve the objectives of the trip with ease.

Benefits of booking the best hotels in the Canary
Every hotel in the Canarian Islands has its unique modern facilities and is always in service. However, a few tourists might wonder about the benefits of booking a luxurious stay. Here we have listed the advantages of staying in luxurious hotels in Canary.

  • Ensures comfort
    The hotel management will ensure you have all the facilities with easy access. The luxury hotel will provide a comfortable experience, from spacious rooms to dedicated staff.
  • Assured safety
    Safety is the primary aspect to consider while booking a stay, whether average or luxury. However, a luxury hotel will have security cameras and guards, giving you a sense of privacy and allowing you to feel safe 24*7.
  • Cozy ambiance
    When you stay at the luxury hotel on Canary Island, you can experience a new ambiance. It helps you feel at home.

What is the cost of a canary flight?
There are various Canary flight options from all the international airports. Some of the flights might have a layover destination in Barcelona or Madrid. You can also fly to the specific islands in the Canary – Gran Canaria or Tenerife, by boarding a connecting flight. Consult with the local tourist expert to book your flight online without any hassles.

The average range of flight costs to the Canary Islands is between $400 and $1000, which may vary depending on the following factors.

  • The season (holiday)
  • Oil prices
  • Distance covered
  • Type of airline you choose
  • Timing for the flight ticket purchase
  • Travel period

The holiday in the Canary Islands calls for all the sun worshippers, where you will be spoilt for choices. It is renowned as the paradise of pleasure with resorts and villas, with brilliant all-year-round soaring temperatures. From boasting an impeccable line-up in the black and white beaches to charming villages, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation experience.

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