Tips for choosing the right lampshade for your room

Tips for choosing the right lampshade for your room

Lampshades are unique as well as add an extra aesthetic charm to the room that they’re being placed in. Before beginning the hunt for the right lampshade, you must determine which style you want and it should match with the ambiance of the room as well. A cylinder-shaped drum shade can create an ambiance of the 60s, while a Euro shade would give a proper and traditional look to the room. The color and fabric details must be complementary to the room as well. Here are some handy tips that can be helpful while buying a lampshade for your home.

Where to purchase?
There are many stores online that could help you buy the right lampshade and it would help if you are well aware of the features and other details like measurements, costs, fabrics, and shade materials. Paper lampshades, colorful lampshades with black or gold lines and so on, and fabric lampshades are some of the common types. If you’re buying a lampshade for the first time and are unsure about the type that you would want to buy, you can consider going to your nearest store and checking out these lampshades on your own.

Know the size, heights, and other details first
In order to be able to make a quick choice, knowing the exact size or shade for your lamp with prerequisite features will be beneficial. You can narrow down your search by knowing such details. For example, colorful shades would be okay for a single room, but it’s good to choose a particular shade to match the tone of the room.

Know the shades types
The hardback lampshades are lined with plastic or other materials to stop the lighting from passing through the sides. It can maximize the amount of light above and below the shade and illuminate the overall space. Moreover, the softback lampshades do not come with a firm lining although flexible support using linen or paper is provided. It permits the light to pass through the sides and a softer shade enlightens the room partly. It’s good for a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Match the shape of the shades with the base
The shades and bases must be complementary to each other to exert an appropriate shape for the product. For example, a drum-shaped lampshade goes well with rounded or cylindrical shaped bases. Whereas a square or rectangular base matches well with a rectangular lampshade.

Sizing rules
The lampshade height must be around ¾ the of the height of the base of the shade. The wider bottom surface is important and the shade width must be equal to the height from the lower part of the base. The purpose of using a lampshade, be it for reading or relaxing, the room structure, color, and bulb types are some of the important things to consider while buying a lampshade.

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