Tips for Finding the Best Fishing Locations

Tips for Finding the Best Fishing Locations

According to experts, there are nearly 60 million anglers in the country. The fishing industry is valued at around $11.5 billion. Fishing is gaining popularity as it can help you relax, destress and enjoy some alone time. A successful fishing expedition depends on its availability. If you have recently obtained a license for fishing and are raring to go, here are some tips for picking a fishing spot near you.

Asking for referrals
Many anglers may prefer to fish alone, but they could be members of larger organized clubs or informal networks. You can find information about fish forums and fishing associations in your area. While some may be competitive and reluctant to share information about their favorite or secret spots, others will talk to you without hesitation. You can contact such communities over the phone or in person and get information about the most popular fishing locations near you. They may also suggest spots best for a specific type of fish.

Referring to fishing magazines
You can also refer to fishing magazines that publish information regarding fishing destinations, fishing techniques, bait and tackle shops, conservation, about different kinds of fishing. Check out some of the popular fishing magazines below.

  • Field and Stream
  • Bassmaster
  • Fishing Facts
  • Marlinmag
  • Hatch Magazine
  • In-Fisherman Magazine
  • Bush ‘n Beach Fishing Magazine
  • Tail Fly Fishing Magazine
  • Coastal Angler Magazine
  • Sport Fishing Magazine
  • Saltwater Sportsman

Go digital
The availability of GPS mapping technologies and advanced satellite imagery has made it easy for people to identify the best fishing spots near them. While anglers usually depend on lake maps or river maps, you can now use navigational apps that help you identify the best fishing locations. The apps highlight popular fishing habitats like creeks, rivers, and grass flats, home to many fish. Some popular fishing apps that can lead you to some of the best fishing spots are listed below.

  • FishAngler
  • Deeper App
  • FishBrain
  • Fishidy
  • FishTrack
  • GoFree Hooked
  • iAngler
  • ProAngler
  • RiverFlows

Bait and tackle shops
Bait and tackle shops are an important and authentic source of information for beginners. Most of these shops have all the gear and equipment required for fishing. They are usually located closer to fishing spots, docks, or lakes. Shop owners develop a good bond with anglers over time and may have the latest information on the best fishing spots. You can visit bait and tackle shops, start a conversation, and get the details you want.

Guided fishing tours
Guided fishing tours or fishing charters are recreational fishing boats that are crewed by a captain and have a trained team. The boats are equipped with the right gear, and the crew has first-hand experience with fishing destinations and techniques. These tours are ideal for beginners who want to learn all the basics about fishing. You can find inland, inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing charters. You can choose a charter based on the type of fishing you want to do.

Popular fishing locations in the country
Fishing spots are mostly away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It always is a scenic location providing peace for travelers. Some spots are accessible by water, road, or air, while some are in remote areas requiring a long hike and back.

Lake Tahoe, CA
Lake Tahoe is an excellent and favorite spot for hiking, skiing, and fishing based on the seasons. It is one of the most famous haunts for anglers. Anglers limit their catches to five fish per angler to maintain a healthy fishery in the lake. Some fish types you can find here include brown trout, kokanee salmon, mackinaw, and rainbow trout.

Florida Keys, FL
Florida Key is considered a paradise for recreational fishermen. You can fish on your own or hire a charter boat. You can find fish types like bonefish, redfish, snook, permit, and tarpon here.

Columbia River, OR
Chartering a boat may be ideal, as the waters are usually rough. Beginners can also enjoy fishing from the river banks and sand bars. You can get a good catch through the year and some excellent fish during summer. For example, salmon, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and sturgeons can be found here.

Colorado River, OR
Colorado River crosses through five states and is a long river that provides excellent fishing spots. You can go on your own, camp in the several campsites along the river, go with friends or family in an RV and stay in RV parks or be a part of chartered fishing tours to enjoy the river’s experience. March to November is the best-suited season for fishing, and you can find a wide range of fish, including black crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, trout, and walleye.

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