Top 3 Dna Test Kits To Consider Buying In 2019

Top 3 Dna Test Kits To Consider Buying In 2019

Top 3 DNA test kits to consider buying in 2018

Before the invention of DNA test kits, genealogists relied on simple oral and written records to trace an individual’s family, heritage, and ancestry. Today, however, you can make use of new-age DNA test kits that help in scientifically tracing your roots. You can know about your ancestry by simply making use of the kit while you are sitting on the couch of your living room.
However, because of the popular demand for the product, there are dozens of DNA testing kits available in the market. Amidst such a variety, it becomes difficult and overwhelming to make a choice. If you are confused about which DNA kit to pick, then read further to find out about the top three DNA kits that you can consider buying this year.
The best thing about this DNA kit is that it does not require needles or a blood sample. All you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the kit and spit on the tube provided. After that, you need to register your saliva tube using the barcode provided with the kit and send the sample back to the company. Upon analyzing your saliva sample, they will send you an elaborate ancestry report within six to eight weeks that will mention everything that you need to know. Another reason why you should consider buying this DNA kit is that it provides you with 100% privacy and ensures you that your personal genetic information is not shared with anyone except you. It is priced for $199, which is slightly expensive compared to its competitors. Note that along with the cost of the DNA kit, you might have to pay a hefty shipping charge too.
Ancestry DNA
Ancestry boasts of having the largest consumer DNA database around the world, which makes this DNA test kit one of the best if you are hoping to find a relative by matching DNA profiles. One of the best things about this kit is that it stores the results indefinitely, which means that you can always go back and retrieve the results. Just like most of the top DNA tests, you need to provide your saliva sample to find out about your family ancestry and heritage. It is priced for just $99, though you might have to pay some extra money as tax and shipping charges.
Ancestry DNA searches for your ancestry amongst 350 regions across the world and comes up with an interactive report of your ancestry.
Living DNA
Priced at just $99, Living DNA happens to be one of the most affordable DNA kits that you can buy in 2018. The best part about this kit is that it comes with a Family Networks feature that allows you to build your family tree and trace your ancestry. The kit covers over 80 worldwide regions, which makes the result interesting and accurate as it gives you an in-depth geographic reporting and lets you trace your ancestry back by thousands of years. You will have to take cheek swabs in the kit and send it back in a prepaid envelope to the firm. It typically takes around ten to twelve weeks for the construction of your DNA profile. The three main parts of your result include mother line, father line, and family ancestry.

Do a comparative study of all the top DNA tests available in the market and choose one that fits your requirements and your budget the best.

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