Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Career In Data Analytics

Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Career In Data Analytics

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Data Analytics

Success comes from careful inspection of the opportunities around you. Sometimes, this very process of inspection can transform into one of the best careers for you! Data Analytics is applicable everywhere in the world; great minds make use of numbers to formulate strategies that enhance their business. What many fail to understand is that behind every great mind or a successful entrepreneur lies a data analyst who takes a business to greater heights! Today’s globalized world runs on facts and figures and numbers and trends- a person who can effectively analyze these and use them to his or her benefit, is what companies seek. Given below are the reasons why choosing Data Analytics course can be a rewarding decision for you.

  1. An In-Demand Field

Forbes reported that according to IBM, the demand for data scientists would soar 28% by 2020. Moreover, due to the high demand but low supply in this field, by 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics Jobs would grow from 364,000 listings to over 2,72,000 listings. This demand is rising globally, more so due to the huge deficit of professionals equipped with these skills. According to Fractal Analytics, an analytics firm based in India, the need for Data Scientists and Analytics Consultant is on the rise across the world. This is corroborated by McKinsey Global Institute’s study findings that concluded that the United States would face a shortage of over 19,000 data scientists and 1.5 million analysts who possess thorough knowledge in Data Analytics by 2018. If you are someone who believes in facts and quantitative evidence, then these figures shall suffice your doubts on why one should opt for a career in Data Analytics.

  1. High Salaries

The previous point proves the need for Data Analysts across the world. The very fact that a skill is required at such high demands is reason enough that the jobs pertaining to this field must pay well. The wages of qualified professionals are boosted owing to a relatively low supply, salaries of data analysts are at an all-time high in Australia, US, UK, and Canada, among other nations. A positive and exponential growth every year in salaries of data scientists can be seen transforming this career as a most lucrative one.

Moreover, the source salary of a data analyst is not only restricted to one employer only. Once you have a degree in this field from a well accredited U.S. institution, the opportunity to work as a freelancer is also available. In the future, in order to diversify one’s source of income and to obtain a fitting balance between personal and professional life, you can work from home efficiently. As data analytics is basically studying and comparing numbers or trends, you have the supreme opportunity to become a freelance consultant for some of the world’s biggest firms. With data analytics as your career, gone are the days of being tied to a desk!

  1. A Top Priority for Organizations

Quantitative decision making is an organization’s most difficult yet important task. If correct, the results would be highly fulfilling, but if incorrect, the probability of loss is extremely high. Therefore, analytics is a crucial factor for all companies to keep up with rising competitions, to know customers’ preferences and to make a profit from a product. Therefore, top businesses are looking for data scientists or data analyst to do the work for them. By doing a Data Analytics Course and becoming a professional in this field, the chances of working in your dream company or organization can be easily fulfilled. Name any international or national company, in this era everyone needs a data analyst!

Data Analytics Course is readily available online, so through distance-learning education programs, you can easily procure a suitable degree in this field. It will surely present numerous opportunities for you, whether to work from home or to work in a national or even international company

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