Top 4 reasons why iPhones are better than Android phones

Top 4 reasons why iPhones are better than Android phones

When it comes to phones available on the market these days, there are many choices out there. However, when it comes to smartphones, there are two key choices that we are left with in terms of the operating system, which we all agree, is the soul of a phone.

It can be confusing to choose between two phones, which have their own ardent following. However, we are here to give you the top four reasons why iPhones are better compared to Android phones:

  • Faster processing
    The iPhone offers much better processing. Therefore, it is a faster phone in comparison with Android. Applications that require good speed such as photo editing or accessing large phones become challenging with Android phones. An iPhone would perform much better in such a scenario. Playing games is also easier with an iPhone because of the speed as well as the graphics.
  • Camera
    This one is the biggest war of them all. So, which one really has the best cameras? For most models of Android phones, it is the Android-based Samsung phones that have given us marvelous cameras in recent years. However, with the iPhone 8, Apple has also managed to up its game and provide a whole new way of enjoying smartphones. The iPhone X has taken it up a notch higher with the dual-lens setup. In natural light, the Samsung might work better, but for low light, the iPhone remains the best choice compared to an Android phone.
  • Easy to use
    With its easy design and consistent innovations over the years, the iPhone has become a phone that is addictive. Users of the phone find switching to the Android phones an arduous task. Although Android manufacturers are trying their best to make something user-friendly, they have not been successful. There have been some great enhancements with Siri and Control Center, which makes life so much easier for its users. There are many customizable widgets with the iPhone that can be suited to suit your screen. In fact, with the iOS 11 that has arrived recently, Apple allows users to edit live images, send payments via Messages, and organize files on the iCloud. These features were missing and the new update is quite helpful in that sense when compared to an iPhone.
  • Regular OS updates
    That is the other things about iPhones. As soon as we feel that there is something amiss with the iPhone, they give us a good and effective update. Users of the phones are also quick to grab onto these updates. For instance, only a week after the iOS 11 was launched, it is said that 25 percent Apple devices had downloaded it. Around the same time, Android Nougat was released. At that time, it was estimated that only about 15 percent of Android devices had downloaded it.

If you do not wish to shop for either of the above phones, a Windows phone may be the choice for you.

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