Top 4 Roman Shade Styles To Check Out

Top 4 Roman Shade Styles To Check Out

Blinds or shades are a functional piece of furnishing to install in place of your traditional drapes. Roman blinds, in particular, are designed using different types of fabric and structural frameworks that accentuate the look of the room. You can choose from a variety of styles depending on the decor of your room. What’s more, we have compiled a list of the best deals on Roman blinds to make things easy for you.

Flat style Roman shades

Flat style Roman blinds or shades are among the more classic and preferred styles made with different fabric types. The texture is designed in a way that filters out any harsh light entering the room. They are made using minimal fabric and can be easily rolled up using a raise and lower rope pulley system. Linen, wool blends, cotton, and silk are among the preferred choices of fabric for flat style blinds. You can customize the order and add multiple fabric layers that seamlessly blend into your existing home décor. The flat Roman shades are suitable for large windows in the living room. They are easy to install and hassle-free. Get the best deals on flat style Roman blinds from popular online websites like Wayfair, Home Depot, and more.

Pleated Roman shades

Pleats look elegant on any type of fabric, which is why pleated Roman shades are a popular choice among homeowners. Similar to a cascade shade mechanism, the pleats neatly fold and stack vertically when the blinds are open. Pleat-styled Roman shades are versatile, and you can customize them according to your needs. You can choose the type of fabric, the interior or exterior mount options, and the control type for opening and closing the shades. Continuous loop control is suitable for larger shades because the chain minimizes efforts and maximizes efficiency. Cord locks can hold the loop in a fixed position at the length you want. Alternatively, you can even get motorized loops to control the shades remotely. Note that motorized Roman blind styles are the most expensive ones in the market. You can even customize the control position to be on the left or right. You can get some amazing deals on Roman blinds at the ShadeStore website and avail yourself of the holiday season discounts going on now.

Cascade style roman blinds

Modern innovation in home furnishing and décor has led to designers experimenting with different metals and fabrics. Flat style shades only use two rods allowing the material to roll upwards. However, the cascade style is made with a single fabric woven between multiple dowels inserted at equal intervals. Cascade-style blinds are designed to stack up in layers. The shades are also designed to rest against the window or over the door using cord locks. The blinds are available with cordless lock controls depending on the type of order. Shop at Barn and Willow or Hunter Douglas online to get the best deals on cascade-style Roman blinds.

Other popular designs

There are many different Roman blinds for you to choose from apart from the classic styles. For example, balloon shades have a more decorative touch and help accentuate the room. The fabric is eye-catching, and the colors simply pop out due to the styling. Roman blinds can also be designed using bamboo. This is done by binding long sticks of bamboo cut precisely to stack neatly on top of each other when the blinds are drawn up. You get manual corded and cordless motorized controls for adjusting the shade height according to your convenience. You can experiment with the kind of Roman blinds you like and see what works best. That said, it is essential to choose one according to the window and room layout. London Roman, Greek Key, Aventura Roman, Tulip Roman, and European Fold Roman shades are some popular styles to consider. You can get some massive deals on Roman blinds, especially during the holiday season.

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